Food and Wine Tours
in Southern Italy


Moved by a strong passion towards her land and its produce, in 2001 Piera Spatola started her own business as a food and wine tour consultant in the Campania region in Southern Italy,
opening a consultancy office: “Vinviaggiando”.
In 1999 she earnt her degree  in Foreign Language and Literature at the Orientale University of Naples, followed by 
a PHD in Cultural tourism management.

Since the year 2000, she has been involved in various training courses dealing with  wine and gastronomic tourism and she has obtained her qualifications  both as a  travel agency director and as an  official tour guide for the Campania region.Over the same period she has been cooperating with the Italian Wine Tourist Movement and Slow Food , teaching courses in food and wine tourism, working as a consultant in the organization of food and wine events and as a translator, specialised in technical terms dealing with food and wine production. She has also taken part in the publishing of a tourist guide:
“Cultural, architectural and enogastronomic itineraries of the Caserta Province” and she has been involved as a speaker in different meetings and conventions dealing with food and wine tourism.

Piera lives with her husband, Alan, and their two girls Nicole and Caterina in campania where she organises and manages food and wine tours, combining visits to producers with historical and natural locations, often off the beaten track. Her aim is to give unforgettable memories of the time spent together. That is why she takes her tourists to places where they can share the traditional Southern Italian hospitality, experiencing unique tastings, sharing

cooking demonstrations and often being welcomed inside the producers’ homes. She has a deep knowledge of the history of her region’s products, something that she loves transmitting to the ones who choose to take part in her itineraries. She is in contact with specialized experienced guides and
she personally selects the menus, caring about every single product and ingredient.Furthermore, thanks
to her close relationship with the producers,  her enthusiasm and warm, welcoming personality, she always succedes in creating a memorable trip away from the hectic world we live in.