Food and Wine Tours
in Southern Italy

This section is dedicated to special tailored made tours from , school and university trips
to sailing boat tours along the coast of the Campania region and food and wine
tours in near-by Puglia and Basilicata.

Thanks to our contacts all over the Nation, we can also provide tours and
cooking vacations in other parts of Italy.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information
or require tailored made tours.

School and University groups
If you are a school or university planning a specialized tour in Southern Italy, you can
contact us and have it organized according to your own needs.
We can take your students to didactic farm houses, naturalistic areas and archeological
sites where they can get in touch with Italian culture and traditions.


Also thanks to our years old working experience with American culinary schools and Universities, we are able to organize and manage professional trips, including cooking lessons, technical farm visits and archeological workshops.

Sailing tours
Boarding on a sailing boat, while following the routes of the Greek and Roman ships that approached Campania coasts many centuries ago, we give you the chance to “taste”
the region by the sea. You will be able to choose between day tours along the

Cilento and Amalfi Coasts and longer tours discovering ancient caves and maritime villages.
Our coastal excursions will be combined with in land tours and will always deal
with history, culture and typical culinary products.

Please do not hesitate to contact us  for any further information or require tailored made tours

Puglia and Basilicata Tours.
Thanks to our staff in other areas of the country, we can also manage tours in the
Basilicata and Puglia regions.
Let’s explore a land where time seems to have stopped  long ago.
The famous Alberobello Trulli, medieval castles and fortresses, Matera’s Sassi,
will be enjoyed while tasting hand made products and wines: from Matera’s yellow bread,
to Ferrandina olives and soft ricotta cheeses, just to name a few…

Please do not hesitate to contact us  for any further information
or require tailored made tours.